company website

This is a pretty bold statement considering I don’t know what your business does. If you are in business today, having a website is essential. Websites are the business cards of this era. It is often the first place people go when making decisions on whom they should do business with. Thousands of companies have websites and you can be certain that your competition already has one.


Other benefits of a website include:

Allows your business to complete in a global market


Allows you to provide more company and product information


Is less costly than any other type of media


Allows you to change your product and service info for less money than reprinting catalogs and brochures


Allows you to reach potential customers 24/7/365


According to this comscore press release, a massive 772 million people were online in May of 2007. Don’t let these users pass you by. Web Impakt can help you design a functional website that will get these customers contacting you!