WordPress is an amazing piece of software that allows everyday users create and update their own blogs. There are hundreds of plugin’s and options available that it is easy to get lost in all of the options. In my opinion, the necessary steps should be taken to achieve the best results when installing WordPress.

1. Install WordPress by going to http://wordpress.org/download/

Installing WordPress will walk you step by step through this simple installation.

2. Change the custom structure of your permalinks.

3. Install Akismet

Akismet checks out all of the comments posted on your blog and determines if they look like spam or not. You have to sign up for WordPress and receive a WordPress.com API key for it to work.

4. Install Enforce www. Preference

This article by dailyblogtips.com explains why this is important.

After performing these four steps you should be on your way to SEO friendly blogging.