A savvy businessman approached me about a website the other day. He was a specialist in his field and didn’t have time to learn the ways of the web. That’s why he was inquiring of me. He needed a website to boost his business to the next level. I put my price quote together and sent it to him.

His main concern was the monthly web hosting charge. He didn’t understand what he was getting in return for the monthly hosting charge. I suspect many people are the same way. If their expertise is in another field then how would they know what “hosting” was if no one had ever
explained it to them.

What is hosting?

What is Hosting?

According to Wikipedia, a web hosting service allows websites to be accessible via the World Wide Web. If a website was sitting on my computer there would be no way for someone on the outside of my network to access it. Therefore, in order to have a website you must have a public host.

Technically, you could use your own PC as a host if it is connected to a network but it is most common to use an Internet Service Provider. If you were to host your website on your home PC it would require a permanent high speed connection, server hardware and software. This W3C schools article explains the different aspects of hosting.

Web Impakt Hosting offers many hosting plans for very little cost. Each of our hosting plans comes with email, storage, backup and everything you need for your online presence. Here is a detailed Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Website Hosting