Website design trends are ever changing, and Web Impakt knows that to be the best in Idaho Falls web design, we must be on the cutting edge of these trends and making sure we provide our clients with the best web design possible in the Idaho Falls area.

We want to discuss a few of these trends and how Web Impakt, an Idaho Falls Website Design Company, is using them in some of our recent projects:

#1 — HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY

Web technologies are ever changing and the recent changes in these technologies have made web design in Idaho Falls a growing market.  One of the ways that Web Impakt is growing with these trends is to offer cutting edge jQuery technologies that provide our clients in the Idaho Falls area with top notch websites and web services.  One of our clients for Idaho Falls website design that employs a great use of jQuery and CSS is Wada Farms


#2 — Mobile Compatibility and Responsive Layouts

With the fact that more and more users are using their smartphones for surfing the web, Web Impakt has made it a point to be more and more on top of the mobile web world in the Idaho Falls area.  There are many ways to optimize a website for mobile devices.  The first is to make sure that the technologies used in the website are mobile friendly.  This does not change the layout of the website when viewed on mobile devices but instead makes sure that all elements are view-able on all devices.

The second way is to create a design layout that is responsive with regards to the size of the viewing screen.  One example of this type of Idaho Falls web site design is Bulletproof Reputation.  The layout of this website responds dynamically to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed.


The third way is to create a mobile website version of the site you wish to optimize for mobile devices.  One of our favorite clients in the Idaho Falls area is First American Title Company.  We actually helped them by creating a mobile website.  This is created so that when a mobile user visits the First American website they are automatically sent to the mobile version of the website.  The mobile version is designed and styled to present the user with the most important items of the website in a very mobile friendly manner, while still maintaining the professional feel of the full website.

#3 — Large Background Images

In many ways, this trend is becoming a best practice for Web Impakt and for our Idaho Falls web design portfolio. Large background images are a great way to maximize a smaller advertising budget while actively engaging your audience. Large images work to draw a visitor in, creating more of an interactive user experience.  Our favorite example of this in the Idaho Falls area is The Museum of Idaho.  Part of their website design includes having large background images that go along with whatever their main exhibition is for the time period.  This use of a large image really draws users into their website and makes them get excited about the exhibitions and subsequently increases their turnout to the exhibition.