In a previous post we compared software design to building a house. You money.jpgneed house plans to build a sturdy valuable home. We will use the same analogy to answer the question that haunts web designers at the beginning of every meeting with a potential client.


The answer to how much does it cost is as variable as how much does a house cost. Similar to a home, it depends on what kind of cabinets, flooring and hardware you decide you want. The price fluctuates with the number of rooms, floors and bathrooms. Let’s not forget the land that the house is built on, hosting comes in variable shapes and sizes as well.  You could build a site equivalent to Bill Gates mansion like the Wall Street Journal or spend minimal resources and ascetically present your company’s contact information.


Web Impakt has a good solution to answering this question from our clients. We offer our clients a solutions menu. This menu lists many of the extras our customers want with the associated price. Therefore, they know how much modifiable content is per page before they even order it. This list also inspires our customers to think about the options a web site can offer. It has been extremely effective and gives the power to our clients.