nailclippers.jpgMacGyver was known for using simple everyday items to solve difficult problems.  For example, MacGyver might use a paperclip, Dixie-cup, lighter fluid, and toenail clippers to create a highly effective booby trap.

Many Web Impakt clients find resourceful ways to solve complicated business problems and processes.  A popular “everyday” item to help them is Microsoft Excel.   Excel, for those of you who just use your computers to read blogs, is a spreadsheet program.  When it was designed, the idea behind it was that it would be used to manage and organize columns of numbers, but Microsoft probably didn’t realize how many MacGyvers had purchased this application, and all of the amazing things they would end up doing with it. If MacGyver had decided to work at a desk instead of being a troubleshooter for the Pheonix Foundation I’m sure Excel would be his favorite program.   Â

MacGyver Spreadsheet users set up complicated formulas and color schemes and enter in numbers in just the right way that will allow them to retrieve the desired results.  This works for a while but in time usually becomes too complicated and time-consuming, not to mention the fact that it can be virtually impossible for somebody else to use a spreadsheet without a decoder ring!  That’s where Web Impakt steps in.  We have taken dozens of situations like this and created simple cost effective online programs that will allow our customers to do minimal data entering to receive desired results.  Not only that, but our clients can access these applications anywhere there is an internet connection.Â

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