Similar to the literal definition of a forum “A public meeting or assembly for open discussion” a web seiforum.gifforum is “A web site that allows for individuals to meet for open discussion.” Web Impakt has created many forums.Â

The Southeast Idaho Singles forum posts many announcements and allows singles from the Idaho Falls area to meet.  Â

Web Impakt has also created a very successful form for our client Bradley hspace=”10″ alt=”chiefs.gif” height=”120″ title=”Chiefs Network Forum” />Business Group.  The Chiefs Network Forum is only for invited users but has over 600 registered members.

Creating a successful online community takes a lot patience and hard work.  Some successful forums include Gamespot forums, Reality TV World Forum and Small Business Forum.

Here are a few hints to create a successful forum:

  • Be an expert on the forum topic.   Make significant and original posts.
  • Find a group of people to start the forum with you.  It is difficult to create interest if you are the only one posting.
  • Create a newsletter or mailing list.  If there is interest in the newsletter, switching over to a forum will be easy.