SEO is a daunting task for even the most experienced web designers. Many businesses pay huge fees every month to ensure they stay in the top rankings for specified key words. For those of us who don’t have the money to spend on reaching the top of the search engines, this article is for you.


SEO Clues

Below is a list of specific items that we at Web Impakt build into each site we create for clients:


Title Tags – The title of each page should be a short description of the page content. This is one of the most important and basic fundamentals of SEO.  The title tag is displayed at the top left corner of the browser.


Meta Tags – These are hidden tags that the SEO spiders use to help index your site.


Heading Tags – Your web designer will use these in all of your pages. Important keywords like your business name should be enclosed in <H1> tags with secondary words followed up with <H2> tags.


Search Engine Submission – Each time Web Impakt completes a site we submit it to the top engines.


If you don’t go through Web Impakt for your web site creation, make sure your web development company has completed the above tasks.  These are very rudimentary tasks that every web design firm implement.


The SEO work is not complete after the web site is created and posted.  The following is a list of SEO tasks that non-technical people can accomplish to boost search engine rankings:


Inbound Links – SEO spiders measure the popularity of your site by calculating the number of incoming links to your site. Be aware that there are good and bad backlinks. Keep all of your inbound links coming from reputable sites.


Quality Content – Quality content will skyrocket you to the top of the search engines. Web Impakt provides content writing packages but most of the time our customers opt to provide content. After all, the customer knows about their product and what they want to say. As noted in our business blog posting, a blog can assist with the content portion of SEO.   When writting content, make sure to include your keywords. Go here or here for keyword suggestions.


Search Engine Optimization is a delicate operation. You can’t use any of the above methods to much or they will lose their effectiveness. Good luck and may high search engine rankings be with you.