There is a rush by many web designers to ensure that you are able to access their websites from as many devices as possible. With this in mind, the field of responsive web design seems to have taken off quite a bit this is so much so that even those big companies that are so often resistant to change have taken the cue and are joining in. for instance, BBC, one of the largest media companies in the world has joined the fray. The idea behind responsive web design is to design a website that responds to the display qualities and the size of the device that you are using. As such, you can expect for instance that if you access on an iPad, the image will almost be the same as if you do it on a computer only on a smaller scale. This is ideally to ensure that the content that consumers of information get is virtually standard across all the platforms that they choose. With the world forever changing into a global village, responsive web design has a very big role to play, one that cannot be ignored or assumed.

The main challenge that designers are facing has to do with ensuring that the videos in the web pages can be accessed via different mediums. The devices that are in production of late are pretty much similar in their configuration and abilities and as such do not really have much problems running these videos. However, the trouble comes in when trying to merge these websites with the older models of mobile devices especially. This is a particularly challenging place for the designers since the systems they have to anticipate are quite varied.

Responsive Web Design

The other part that is a little tricky has to do with the images that are on the web page. With every device, getting the correct megapixel plays an important in the whole outlook of the website. However, issues to do with responsive images have been far less compared to those with videos. What you need to note is that at the moment there is no method for creating images that can be sized according to device. Even then, there are various companies in the world that are in the process of developing this technology. We can only hope that they will be successful in their endeavors. Once we do have a responsive image specification technology in play, then the process will be much more difficult. The other thing that individuals will have to worry about is the fact that with the advent of smart phones, there have been so many variations in size and capacity. This means that the web designs will have to be quite complicated in order to deal with the different issues that come up.

Either way, this is a new and exciting chapter that we are stepping into and are looking forward to taking advantage of everything it has to offer. The responsive web design platform is the new frontier for web development.