Radio advertising allows you to talk to your customers. Unlike print media, where your potential customer will probably flip by your advertisement once, radio3.jpgradio allows you to be in your potential customer’s ear daily.

Radio Advertising Problems Radio works on a sub conscious level. People recognize the company but they don’t remember where they heard about the company. When I spoke with Web Impakt’s account executive at Pacific Empire radio in Idaho Falls, he stated that most people can’t remember the last radio ad they heard but they can easily remember a vivid print ad they had seen. When he questioned these same people about where they would go and purchase furniture, they quickly stated a local furniture store that continually runs ad’s on the radio. He noticed, that they usually didn’t remember where they had seen the advertisement for the furniture store. In order for your radio ad to work, you must work business into the minds of your potential customers and allow it to run over 3 months.

Radio Advertising Benefits

Unlike other advertising mediums, radio allows you to narrow your consumer base. Different stations play different music which allows you to select which type of consumer you want to market to.

Measuring Success

You need a baseline to know whether or not the advertising is working. The most important thing you can do to test if your advertising is working is to ask new clients where they heard about you. This will tell you if your advertising dollars are worth their money.

Improve Effectiveness

Mixing advertising mediums will give you the most bang for your advertising buck. Therefore, when you are running radio spots, mix that advertising with one or more of the following mediums:

  • Web advertising
  • Flyers
  • Bill board
  • Yellow page ad
  • Newspaper ad
  • Direct mail promotions
  • Television advertising


Remember, the more that people hear your company name, the greater the chance they will remember you when they need your service.