There are two options a company can take when faced with a software development and web design projects. These options are to hire an in house development staff or outsource the project to a company with expertise in software and web development.


The benefits to outsourcing include the following:

1. You want to spend time managing your business, not managing your software development project.


2. You have expertise in your business not in software and web design.


3. You don’t have to pay full time employees when there is no work to do.


4. You don’t have to provide insurance or any other benefits to sub contractors.


5. You can discontinue the contract if you are unhappy with the quality of services you are receiving.


6. It is difficult to attract and hire qualified web staff.


Web Impakt provides outsourcing services to many industrious successful businesses.


These include the following:

Mountain View Hospital

Jensen Jewelers

Pacific Empire Radio


These companies benefit from outsourcing all their software and web design needs to Web Impakt.