One very important tool that Web Impakt uses is open source software. Open source software is software that can be freely given away. The source code for the program is available so other programmers can access it and make changes. This means that Web Impakt can use an open source shopping cart program like OSCommerce and modify it to meet our customer’s requirements. It saves our customers money because Web Impakt doesn’t have to take the time to program credit card processing, reports, item storage etc.

The greatest benefit of open source software is the fact that the solutions created under the open source model may not have been possible under the conventional software creation paradigm. Programmers from around the world put their heads together to create robust and innovative code.

This article on is summed up in it’s title: Any CIO not using open source “should be fired”: a conversation with CIOs. Web Impakt believes that as well. Most of our dynamic web programs and websites are all built on the LAMP frame work.

LAMP is an acronym for a solution stack of open source software including the following open source pieces:

Linux – An open source operating system
Apache – The most popular HTTP server on the World Wide Web
MySQL – A database management system with over 10 million users
PHP – A server-side scripting language

Web Impakt utilizes the LAMP framework to deploy inexpensive, reliable and scaleable software solutions.