Hey everyone!
As we look back on 2009 and look toward 2010 we are filled with hope and much optimism. We have A LOT of great projects in the pipeline and we are continuing to take on more everyday! Our hope is that we can provide our clients with the tools they need to achieve full success this year! Here are a couple fun new things we are going to try to write about in our up-coming blogs.

-Web Impakt is going to be starting a series of helpful tips in various topics such as: Improving content, improving functionality, S.E.O(search engine optimization), social networking, e-commerce, and much more!

-We are also going to be doing some fun, “Did you know” facts on Web Impakt.

-We are also excited to roll out our “Spotlight Business.” Every month we will be featuring one of our fabulous clients and some great info about their business.

-Don’t forget… WE WANT TO PUT $25 IN YOUR POCKET! Refer a friend, co-worker, neighbor, cousin…. WHO EVER! All they have to do is let us send them a quote! ITS THAT EASY! You can submit their information to: referral@webimpakt.com. And to put that sweet little cherry on top, we will put your name in a drawing for a Dell Latitude Laptop!! HOW COOL!?!?!

-We are excited to announce our team is growing; we have two new team members, Brian and Clayton. Please help us in making them feel welcome!

In closing: We would like to leave you with this video that we think is FULL of powerful information!

Did you know?

For any questions on the blog or topics you would like to see in the future please email bziel@webimpakt.com

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