Idaho Falls has a lot of holes to fill when it comes to websites. I am always surprised when I am looking for a new product or service and can’t even find ONE website in Idaho Falls representing these types of companies.

Let me give you an example. I was searching for a plumber to come and fix a clogged toilet. I pull up Google and type in “Idaho falls plumber.” The standard list of phone book entries appears and clicking on each link takes me to their address and phone number but not a single one has a www address listed.

Imagine the swaying power a plumbing company could have over a potential consumer. If I would have found one plumber, with a website that had information that I needed, I would have called them.

I assume some plumber in Idaho Falls has a website, they just aren’t listed in the first ten search results. If that is the case, the website isn’t being as effective as it could be.

Web Impakt can help you optimize your current website to achieve better search engine results. Web Impakt can also help these types of businesses in Idaho Falls that are just waiting for a website to top the search list.

Other types of businesses in the Idaho Falls & Ammon area that does not appear to have a website yet:

Idaho Falls Vet – only has one
Idaho Falls Handy Man
Idaho Falls Heating
Idaho Falls Rain Gutters
Idaho Falls Mechanic
Idaho Falls Tanning

Get the competitive edge over your competition today and lets get a website up and running that dominates the local search engine area.