You might think I am describing the last rock concert I went to, I’m not. I am describing the last Flash site I went to. I left the site shortly after getting there because I was annoyed at the loud music and having to wait for the menu to show up.FLASH - <a href= Firework” title=”FLASH – Firework” />


There are times when interviewing customers for a new site, they are sold on the idea that their site needs to be created in Flash. Macromedia Flash (now Adobe) is animation software that web developers use to develop interactive and lively interfaces for web sites. Flash sites are very showy and web customers love them. Visitors and potential customers to their sites usually don’t.


Flash sites pay a high price for their dynamic nature. They usually come with longer loading times, higher costs and less accessibility. Back in the day of dial-up-modems, we were used to waiting for a page to load. Today, with our speedy DSL connection speeds’, waiting for a page to load is out of the question. Most users will hop back out to Google and find a play they can get their information quicker. Another disadvantage of a flash solution is cost. Web Impakt charges 3 – 4 times as much for a full flash site then we do for a html based site. Finally, a huge drawback of flash is that it isn’t tremendously accessible to users or search engines. In order for a user to see your super expensive flash site, they have to download a flash player. Search engines will by pass your site unless you have made huge concessions to help them index your site.


The answer to having a cool website with all the Flash benefits is simple. Web Impakt, has found that a hybrid site is the answer. A nice mix of html and flash gives our customers the cool look they want while allowing users and search engines to quickly find what they are looking for.Â


Le Ritz Hotel, in Idaho Falls, is an example of a Web Impakt hybrid site.


Remember, next time you are thinking you want to have your site done 100% in Flash, refer to this flow chart by theGoogleCache.com.