Customer Service

The relationship I have with Web Impakt customers is very important to me. I find that I do not trust many people to act as the liaison between Web Impakt and my clients. I feel that even if I have a lot of sites to update or code to write, dropping everything to attend to my customers myself is worth it.

Communication is Key

Missed deadlines, increased costs, expectations missed – These are all the stressful things that can go wrong in the world of software development. It has been my practice to tell customers what is wrong WHEN it’s wrong. This practice helps foster client trust more than making excuses or avoiding the customer.

Don’t Talk Above Your Customers

Working in the IT field is sometimes like working in another country speaking a different language. Customers utilizing a service from an IT company are counting on these individuals to translate “computerese” into something they can understand. When speaking with clients remember that most customers don’t spend 12 hours a day in front of a computer. Usually they have a thin understanding of what a database or ipaddress is. More often than not they don’t even understand why the version of windows or IE matters.

Attitude of Excellence

Web Impakt has an attitude of excellence in everything we do. I try to foster this attitude with employees and subcontractors. At times, I have to remind a sub contractor that even if the customer doesn’t know technical details of a project they must always be done correctly.

Your Number One Customer

When the phone is ringing off the hook with requests to update software and modify websites, it is tempting to look at your bottom line when the decision is made about who you will help first. Web Impakt has implemented many procedures that allow us to help all customers effectively. Try to remember that even that small customer that pays you $50.00 a month for web updates knows a lot of people. Word of mouth is where we get the majority of our clients and I never know who Mr. $50.00 a month knows.