Idaho Falls, Idaho: “The Heart” of the Idaho Technology Corridor

According to Grow Idaho Falls, 15% of the Idaho Falls population works in the high technology industry. The national average is only 9%. Web Impakt wants to help you and your business take advantage of everything that technology can offer.

Most business owners know that the internet is a great way to connect with customers.  But […]

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What is Hosting?

A savvy businessman approached me about a website the other day. He was a specialist in his field and didn’t have time to learn the ways of the web. That’s why he was inquiring of me. He needed a website to boost his business to the next level. I put my price quote together and […]

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Image Formats: GIF vs. PNG vs. JPEG

One of the foundations of web design are images.  If your images are shabby, your web design will look shabby.  I follow some pretty simple rules when deciding how to save an image for the web.  I choose one of the following three formats:  GIF, JPEG or PNG.

The PNG format (pronounced “PING”) was designed to […]

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Web Design Fonts

I would have to say my least favorite font is Commic Sans.  If I get an email from someone or go to a website with a nice big pink Comic Sans my stomach begins to rumble.  For potential customers to take your business and website seriously stick with professional fonts that are available on everyone’s […]

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Outsourcing makes good business sense!

There are two options a company can take when faced with a software development and web design projects. These options are to hire an in house development staff or outsource the project to a company with expertise in software and web development.
The benefits to outsourcing include the following:
1. You want to spend time managing your business, not […]

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Content Management System

Many of Web Impakt’s customers require control over the content of their site.Web Impakt has a comprehensive content management system that will allow users to control their site without any technical knowledge.Here are some examples of user managed sites:


There are pro’s and con’s to using a content management system.The con’s of implementing a content […]

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SSL Certificates – Do you need one?

Security when browsing the web is a big concern for many website visitors. One way to instill a feeling of security to your website guest is to install a Digital Certificate. Digital Certificates use SSL to offer authentication. SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer, it is a protocol used to manage secure […]

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Your Company Needs a Website!

This is a pretty bold statement considering I don’t know what your business does. If you are in business today, having a website is essential. Websites are the business cards of this era. It is often the first place people go when making decisions on whom they should do business with. Thousands of companies have […]

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Flash – All that glitters isn’t gold

You might think I am describing the last rock concert I went to, I’m not. I am describing the last Flash site I went to. I left the site shortly after getting there because I was annoyed at the loud music and having to wait for the menu to […]

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Search Engine Optimization Basics

SEO is a daunting task for even the most experienced web designers. Many businesses pay huge fees every month to ensure they stay in the top rankings for specified key words. For those of us who don’t have the money to spend on reaching the top of the search engines, this article is for you.

Below is […]

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