Idaho Falls Web Design – Beat your competition

Idaho Falls has a lot of holes to fill when it comes to websites. I am always surprised when I am looking for a new product or service and can’t even find ONE website in Idaho Falls representing these types of companies.

Let me give you an example. I was searching for a plumber […]

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Google Sandbox Effect

The Google sandbox effect is the theory that Google will not index new websites until they have proven their viability for a certain number of months. Therefore, a site in the sandbox when it is new and does not rank for keyword phrases that are NOT competitive like a company name.

According to this article […]

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WordPress Setup

WordPress is an amazing piece of software that allows everyday users create and update their own blogs. There are hundreds of plugin’s and options available that it is easy to get lost in all of the options. In my opinion, the necessary steps should be taken to achieve the best results when installing WordPress.

1. Install […]

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Custom Web Application for your Small Business

There are many benefits to creating a custom web application for your small business. The number one reason is that it will save your small business time and money. Creating custom web applications for your business will enable you move your small business ahead.

Does your small business manually perform any of the following […]

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RSS Feeds Explained

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is used to publish frequently updated content like your favorite blog or news site. Signing up for an RSS feed of a website blog, forum or article feed allows you to scan the headlines for items of interest. This means you get up to the […]

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Open Source Software

One very important tool that Web Impakt uses is open source software. Open source software is software that can be freely given away. The source code for the program is available so other programmers can access it and make changes. This means that Web Impakt can use an open source […]

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Web 2.0

The latest web design buzz word is “Web 2.0.” What does it mean?  Basically, Web 2.0 is the second generation of web development.  Wikipedia explains the history here.   A Web 2.0 website allows for a rich user experience including: blogs, pod casts, wiki and feeds.  Web 2.0 uses technology like Ajax to make […]

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Successful Online Forum

  Similar to the literal definition of a forum “A public meeting or assembly for open discussion” a web forum is “A web site that allows for individuals to meet for open discussion.” Web Impakt has created many forums.Â

The Southeast Idaho Singles forum posts many announcements and allows singles from the Idaho Falls area […]

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Hackers vs. Software Programmers

If there is one thing I’ve learned from movies, it’s that hackers are really cool.  Swordfish, The Matrix, heck, even that little blonde girl in Jurassic Park have shown me how little I actually know about computers.  With just a few keystrokes, these cyberpunks are able to sneak into a top-secret pentagon database, or reposition […]

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The MacGyver Spreadsheet

MacGyver was known for using simple everyday items to solve difficult problems.  For example, MacGyver might use a paperclip, Dixie-cup, lighter fluid, and toenail clippers to create a highly effective booby trap.

Many Web Impakt clients find resourceful ways to solve complicated business problems and processes.  A popular “everyday” item to help them is Microsoft Excel. […]

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