About Web Impakt

Web Impakt is an established software development company delivering software design and development services. Our clients are worldwide and we produce applications and web design of all sizes and complexity. Web Impakt was created in 2002 but our roots in the IT business stem back over 10 years. Our clients are companies of many sizes who recognize that they need a professional software solution to streamline business processes and improve communication with clients and employees.

Web Impakt Philosophy

Web Impakt is committed to delivering high quality software solutions to our clients. We believe that educating and working together with our clients will enable both parties to be successful. Our statiegic business values are:

Understand Client Needs

Web Impakt’s strengths come from our process. When you become a Web Impakt client we guide you through a full cycle development process. Each project, big or small, consists of requirements definition and specification, design, coding and testing. If you choose, Web Impakt can also provide you product maintenance and support.

Quality Standards

Web Impakt is serious about software quality. We believe in developing software to meet the latest in IT standards. This includes making our source code modular and modifiable.

Full Solutions Provider

In this fluid business world, each client requires something different. Web Impakt can provide you with any software solution. This includes everything from creating an engaging website to custom programming using the latest technologies. Web Impakt has the expertise to do everything your business requires.


Web Impakt understands that our success is measured by the success of our clients. Therefore, providing a valuable software package is our primary goal. Through communication and interaction, we ensure that we meet and exceed all of our clients expectations.